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Project Weeks

In addition to community service projects that take place on a weekly basis, UWC students are also encouraged to undertake project weeks, where they are given the responsibility to identify opportunities and plan their own week of service. The personal responsibility and action shown by the students helps them to find new and innovative ways to achieve positive social change, a vital skill UWC alumni have as they act upon UWC's values in their later lives. 
Example project weeks:

  • In 2010, a project week at UWC Adriatic saw a group of students visit the nearby valley Rosandra, Trieste to undertake ecological and environmental field work. The work included lichen biomonitoring to produce an index of pollution levels and gain an appreciation of the biodiversity of the valley.  
  • In October 2009, seven students from UWC Red Cross Nordic spent a week in Saida, Lebanon, on a project week exploring the role of youth in community and social development. The UWC students worked with local Lebanese students, taking part in projects including street and beach clean ups, packing bananas for a sustainable agriculture farm and running activities with children in schools and orphanages.
  • In 2009, a project week at UWC in Mostar was organised by a group of students who travelled to Gorazde, in eastern Bosnia, a city which was heavily damaged in the war. The students went to a secondary school to teach English and shared their experiences of international education at UWC in Mostar. Sebastian de Brouwere, a Belgian student, said “one of our biggest accomplishments was that we generated a sense of awe inspiring energy and even the students with limited English were eager to share their passions and visions with us.”